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For A Successful Preschool Morning Drop Off

By July 18, 2019 Blog

Creating a successful scenario for a parent and child’s preschool morning drop off!

  1. Separation in the mornings when dropping off at a preschool can be hard for a parent as well as the child. To help ease the separation into preschool, give your child a lot of love while getting them out of the car verses giving all the hugs at the preschool classroom door.
  2. Make sure all toys or personal items (that can’t be brought to preschool) are left in the car so the child does not have to part with it at the door. This can cause unnecessary stress and upsets when a parent has to take something away when leaving the preschool.
  3. On the way to the preschool classroom talk about what a great day its going to be for your child. At Mansfield Montessori, we send out calendars at the first of each month. Check the calendar in the morning so you can reference the fun that is going to take place that morning at Mansfield Montessori!
  4. Walking a child into the preschool will make the separation easier at the preschool classroom door. Holding the child’s hand will help a parent slip away easier. It greatly pulls at a parents heartstrings and creates more stress when a child is having to be taken away from a parents arms.
  5. Making a quick exit at the preschool door will help reduce stress for a child and lessen the time it takes a child to get over an upset. Trying to console a child once they know you are leaving will only intensify the upset.

At Mansfield Montessori, we welcome parents to wait in the lobby or near the door if a child is having a difficult time at preschool drop off. We want to make sure at Mansfield Montessori, that a parents stress is relieved by knowing their child settled down quickly after preschool drop off. We encourage parents to call or drop in at anytime to check on their child here at Mansfield Montessori. We want our children and parents to have a great day, and we want that to start with a successful preschool drop off!