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How to Incorporate the Montessori Method in your Home

By June 7, 2019 Blog

As Maria Montessori once said, “Never help a child with a task at which he/she feels he/she can succeed.” Often times, it is so easy for us as adults, to help our children with tasks at home that our children could do independently. Children are capable of so much more than people realize but once this becomes a realization, the child can benefit from being independent. Many parents wonder how they can incorporate the Montessori Method in their homes and how to give them the opportunities to be independent. A few ways you can allow your child to become more independent at home and implement the Montessori Method are:

  1. Organize your Home Environment: You can store your child’s clothing at their eye level in order to allow them the opportunity to choose what they would like to wear and give them the ability to dress themselves for the day. You can also place a stool in the kitchen that allows the child to reach the sink so they can wash their hands and prepare for meals without having to wait to be lifted. 
  1. Implement Life Skills: Show your child how to wipe the table after a meal, give them the opportunity to feed the animals, water the plants, take out the trash, and any other tasks that need to be done around the house.
  1. Grace and Courtesy: The Montessori Method is built on respect and the environment in the classroom is peaceful and calm because of the mutual respect between the children and Montessori guides/teachers. Teach your children how to greet visitors that enter their home, how to avoid interrupting conversations, show them how to push in their chairs at the table, and any other respectful gestures.

When a child can accomplish tasks on their own, without the help of an adult, they gain a sense of fulfillment and realize they are capable of providing to the environment they live in. This will build a strong and independent foundation for your child to grow up on and experience lifelong success.