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What to Look for When Finding the Right Montessori School

By April 22, 2019 Blog
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Many parents often know that they want their child to attend a Montessori school but some parents are unsure what to look for when choosing the right one. As a parent, if the Montessori Method is the method of learning that you feel is best for your child, a few things to look for when choosing a Montessori school are:

  • Montessori certified teachers
  • How often the school experiences teacher turnover
  • A well and fully equipped classroom with Montessori materials
  • An environment that is centered around peace and respect
  • Furniture that is accessible to the size of the children in the classroom
  • Materials that foster the independence of the children
  • Mixed-age groupings in the classrooms
  • How the curriculum is set up to meet the individual needs of each child because Maria Montessori believed each child should learn and be challenged at their own individual pace.
  • How the Montessori guides interact with each child

Overall, the Montessori environment in which you choose to put your child in should be full of enriching learning experiences. The classroom set up should allow the child to learn and grow in each curriculum area through all of their senses. The Montessori Method provides each child with an opportunity to learn and become the best version of themselves all while fostering independence.